Saturday, July 11, 2015

We found a few cherries

We decided to drive into Wisconsin yesterday and search out a cherry orchard I had found online. We left a little late, so I was a bit concerned that we wouldn't get there in time to get many cherries picked, but it turns out that ten people can pick six gallons of cherries in about 20 minutes.

The orchard was very nice and the trees were covered in cherries. Here's L.

I realize that here I am continuing my tradition of really horrible photos, but it gives you a sense of the trees.

Once you pick your cherries you can take them to be washed and pitted, for a small extra fee. Personally, it was well worth it. I can't even imagine how long it would take to pit six gallons of cherries by hand. Here is the washing station.

Then you load your clean cherries on a wagon to take them to the pitter.

(That's G. Can you tell I've lost all concern for children leaving the house in matching clothes?)

Here are D. and H. watching the cherries come out of the pitter.

We then piled in the car and found a restaurant for dinner. The weather was gorgeous and the drive to the orchard was beautifully scenic. It was just what we needed.

Because I know people will ask the orchard was Steffen's Cherry Orchard and was about two hours away from Chicago. The fruit is delicious and I love supporting a family run business. If you want cherries, I would go find it. Plus, they have their own bee hives and harvest their own honey which was so delicious I bought a jar of that as well.

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