Saturday, June 06, 2015

Too busy

I don't like busy. I don't do well with busy. Busy makes me want to crawl into bed, ignore the world and read a good book. But, I'll be the grown-up and not do that. Yesterday was the state homeschooling conference which I really needed to get to in order to shop for next year. Then, after a two hour slog home in rush hour traffic, it was a wedding rehearsal dinner. Today, after teaching this morning, it's getting ready for a wedding. Then in the coming week, I have more trips downtown for more dossier stuff and getting ready for another big wedding next weekend. The wedding is immediately followed by three children going to church camp, which will require packing at some point. The day after the church camp drop off will be a trip to the Iowa/Illinois border to do a little child swapping with my brother, with a return trip on Thursday. TM and D. then leave the next weekend for Boy Scout camp.

Whew. You'll understand if the blog falls by the wayside.

They are all good things, but do they all really need to come on the heels of each other. I'm really hoping because of the cold weather that strawberries will ripen late because I need (really, really need) to pick this year. We had no strawberry jam last year and the last of my frozen berries are gone. We don't want another strawberry-less year.

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