No craft, but some birthday pictures

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 27

I was planning on showing pictures of the cool weaving projects we worked on yesterday. I still hope to have something to show you on Monday but it seems as though it was one of those craft projects that was better in the abstract than in actuality. I keep moving the pieces from surface to surface hoping to convince people to finish them. I think they'r cool looking, but children don't seem to share my enthusiasm.

More successful was our celebration of A.'s birthday. Here are some pictures.

A. chose berries for her birthday dessert. Some of us had ice cream as well.

This picture is A. taking a picture with her phone of her berries. What? You can't see it? Sorry, that's because I really wanted to post it but A., having blog veto power, exercised that right and told me I couldn't. Bah.

A. and L.

This is M. and TM showing A.'s birthday candles. You know we have candle issues here. They had to create 17 by using addition. (TM is making the '+' sign.)

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out candles

Along with candle issues, we also tend to have wrapping paper issues. (There are just things I both can't be bothered to remember and also hate to spend money on.) But proving my pet theory that frugality breeds creativity, here is some of the wrapping paper created by children to wrap A.'s gifts.

By TM., the layers of the cake are actually smaller gifts wrapped separately. Just pretend you don't see the child's name actually written out, okay? It's beyond my technical ability to do something about it.

by H. 

With a small ceramic elephant from her grandparents

M. and TM

G. (in back) and L.

TM and Gretel


Pamela said…
Love the creativity! 16 + 1 made me smile. ~Pamela

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