Thursday, March 05, 2015

Happy 17th Birthday, A.!

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 25

I seem to have a lot of pictures of A. on my desktop, so you get pictures here. These are all from the past year of so with the most recent picture being the third from the top, the one with the short hair.

Oh my goodness has this child kept us on our toes since the very beginning. She is smart and funny and outgoing and opinionated and tenacious and strong and is always up for a challenge. These are all traits that are terrific in a 17 year old, though, admittedly, when she was three they were challenging. Poor thing, she is also a self-proclaimed extrovert living in a family of introverts. It's a good thing she has those great traits listed above because she usually needs them all to prod her introverted family into taking her to all the social outlets that she needs. More than one person has described her as, "small but mighty." Do not take her on in broomball... just sayin'...

Did I mention she keeps us on our toes? For instance, yesterday at lunchtime she comes home from the class she's taking at J.'s school. She says, "I got my paper back and I only got 10 our of 33 points on it" I immediately start assessing the situation. She doesn't look upset, but I make sympathetic noises and am about to start in on the parental litany of, "Can you rewrite it? Have you talked to your professor to see how you could improve the next one?" etc., etc. When she breaks into a huge smile and says, "Just kidding. I actually got a 33 out of 33!" Pleased that her joke worked so well. Stinker.

So today we celebrate this terrific girl who has so blessed all of us. Well, this morning she got her breakfast of choice (bagels... good bagels from the bagel store and which disappointed the doughnut loving little people) and we'll do her birthday dinner and presents tomorrow because of various family schedules.

Happy Birthday my darling daughter. I love you very much and am incredibly proud of you.

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