If you can't laugh...

Greetings from the house of sickness. So far, two are done with the stomach flu, two are currently suffering, and the rest of us have all felt better. If you were going to come over and visit, I'd just stay home for right now if I were you.

I'm still upright and sending stern messages to my stomach that it may not participate in this little sick-fest. (That will work, right?) Some people who know about our current ill health have expressed concern for how we are managing. Well, to be honest, it hasn't been too bad. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, the current ill batch are older and have been great about making it to the bathroom in time. (A three year old with the stomach flu is so much harder to manage than a 14 year old.) Second, since no one feels up to doing any work and are pretty cranky in general, I have declared it an official "melt your brain in front of videos" day. The group is now on movie number three and aside from the nearly constant coughing from the other room, all is quiet. I have taken advantage of this quietness (and the fact that just sitting is really about all I feel up to, either) and done stacks and stacks of paperwork and bill paying. The day has actually been rather peaceful and productive. Well, at least while the drug movie is on. Plus, I don't have to go anywhere in the snow because I called and cancelled riding lessons. (The stable was grateful. Very grateful.)

But really the best news of the day? We sent in the rest of our homestudy documents. As soon as our social worker finishes writing it and it will head off to the state for its approval. You can bet I will let you (and my state representatives) know what that happens. Oh I have so much to say about that... but I'll wait and save it for later. For now, I'll enjoy that pile of paperwork being out of my hands. One small step closer to bringing our new girl home.

Now, go and wipe your computer or phone off with an anti-bacterial wipe in case any germs transmitted themselves to you. I hope I will have good health news tomorrow. I really am more than ready for dull.
I have a new article published: China Eases Some Adoption Restrictions


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