The beauty of doing nothing

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. We are very excited to bring our new daughter home. We are not excited about the paperwork. Yesterday I stayed home and did NOTHING. It was heavenly and just what I needed to refresh my batteries.

How badly was I functioning by the end of the week? Well, worse than I thought. Yesterday, J. calls from work to say he was contacted by our insurance agent. Had I dropped off a bill to them the day before? Well, yes, I had. It was one of the 134,295,392 things I did that day. I was proud of myself for getting the bills paid in the midst of the chaos. But we all know that pride goeth before a fall, don't we? That bill I dropped off? It wasn't the insurance payment, it was the city water bill. The insurance agent very nicely put a stamp on it and mailed it on, but now it was going to be late, which is my particular pet peeve in the home finance department. I hate bills being late and having to pay the late fees. My wonderful husband called the city and managed to get the penalty waived.

I also sat and snuggled a lot with L.who was clearly suffering the effects of Mommy being gone so much. I think we both feel better. It's busy weeks like this past one that make me appreciate our usual more relaxed schedule... the one that allows me to take time to snuggle with my children and listen to what they want to tell me. For instance, this gem from K. this morning.

"Mommy, when I get bigger than you, I won't live with you anymore. I'll live in another house."
"Well, P. is bigger than I am and she still lives in our house."
"When I'm married I'll live in another house. I'll live with a lady but I won't know who she is," K. said in a resigned tone of voice as if to indicate that these things happen, but no one really understands how. Whoever that future wife might be, she will need to have a deep and abiding love for super heroes because K.'s prime goal in life is to be the Hulk. And if he cannot be the Hulk, then he wants to build his muscles up to the point where he at least looks like him. The rest of us are a little concerned that he will be so top heavy that he will just fall over.


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