Saturday, November 01, 2014

Costumes 2014

Chicago was wet and cold and very, very windy last night, but J. managed to take people out so they could collect their candy. At least they all didn't come home dripping wet like they did last year. Just cold. Snow will do that.

K. (as fireman) and G. (as panda... of course)

K. (notice the soot)

G. (This costume was such a pain to make last year, I was glad she was getting a second year out of it.)

L. (as Iron Man) - M. made the costume out of milk jugs and cardboard (her preferred mediums). In the middle of summer L. announced this is who she would be and told her sister she was going to make it, which M. did.

HG4 (as the Hulk)

H. (as a ladybug)

The backside, since that is the interesting part. (L. was a little bit smitten with this, but did not try to put H. into a bucket.)

TM whipped together some antennae for her.

and HGbaby was a bear. (She is the 7th child in this house to wear this costume. Had I but known when I was making it 20 years ago...)

Am I the only one who thinks that after we hit this particular time of year it's as though someone hits the fast-forward button on life? 

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