Monday, September 22, 2014

They still wait

And I continue to remind you about them. Who are 'they'? These two little girls...


And Tina.

Every single day they live without a mother and father to love them, kiss them, hug them, and let them know that they matter. Every single day they miss a part of their childhood that children in our part of the world take for granted.

Is one of these girls your daughter?

I won't promise you rainbow and happy trees every single day if you decide she is. I know first hand that this road can be hard, and sometimes I worry that I scare more people away with my honesty than I help. But even though it may be difficult at time, I can also think of nothing more rewarding that I could do with my life. I have had a front row seat in watching a life unfold before me. Of watching a child who had no self develop a sense of who she is. I have had a front row seat in watching the excruciatingly slow process in a child heal from unspeakable things. I can tell you, I don't take a genuine smile for granted any more. I have had a front row seat in watching a child grow. Not in any metaphorical sense, but grow in an actual physical sense because for his early life he was not given enough to eat and we worried about the life long consequences. All of this has come with hard work, harder than I could manage, more patience than I possess, callouses on my knees from the times of praying out of sheer desperation, and the willingness to let God use me in a miracle.

And they are miracles. Every single child is a miracle and worth an all-out effort to help that child development into their potential. Every single child is worthy and deserving of committed, self-sacrificing love. Everyone thinks this sounds grand and yet there are children who have paperwork and legal clearances to join families, but there are no families who want them.

These girls are real. Their hurts and needs are real. Their desire for love is real. What they need now are real parents.

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