Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photos from P.'s birthday

We celebrated P.'s birthday last night and I know at least my mother wants to see pictures, so here they are.

Her birthday dessert was chocolate-covered bananas, because I insisted she had to pick something. (She's not a big dessert person.) Without dessert, there would have been some very disappointed little people.

Of course, with chocolate-covered bananas, there is no place to put a candle, so once again, someone had to hold them. And when you hold burning candles, sometimes you get hot wax on your fingers... if you wanted an explanation as to what J.'s expression was about.

A glimpse into what the dinner table often looks like.

Then presents. P. had lots of 'help' opening her gifts.

A. and G.


More presents.

I love G.'s expression in this one.

Horse bookends from Grammy.

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