Two little girls

I saw what I saw and I can't forget it
I heard what I heard and I can't go back
I know what I know and I can't deny it

Something on the road, cut me to the soul...

If you have ever been in an orphanage and seen a room filled with absolutely silent babies; if you have ever had a child look at you and ask if you are their new mommy or daddy; if you have ever seen a child turn away in sadness because they were not chosen... again, then you understand the import this song to me. I have seen and experienced all these things. Many adoptive parents have. It is a gut wrenching, soul changing experience. No longer are these children faceless statistics, they are real, flesh and blood human beings longing to belong and to be loved. To touch one of these orphans, to speak to them, to hold them... it changes you. It breaks your heart. It is something you grieve over long after you return home with your child. A chosen child. A child who now has a family; who belongs; who is no longer an orphan. You wish you could give each child a family. You wish you could save them all. You wish you could communicate to people who have not shared your experiences so they understand. Really understand. You wish everyone would do something. You want to scram because you can't understand how people can go back to their everyday lives. Most of the time I keep these feelings under wraps. It makes me appear more normal. Well, as normal as I can be. I'm pretty sure most people think I'm already off my rocker, so I wonder why I bother. 

But sometimes, knowing about certain children and their need for a family consumes me and I can't stop myself. There are two little girls who have taken up residence in my brain and won't leave. Please, someone, be these children's family.

You already know about Lena, but I'll remind you. She is an adorable little girl with a very significant heart problem. It may or it may not be repairable. It certainly cannot be repaired if she remains where she is.

If she has a chance of living, she needs a family. At least she is in a very good place, but it is not a family. She does not have a mommy and daddy holding her, loving her, standing by her as she battles for her life. And she is full of life. Take a look at this video of her. Truly, if you have never clicked a link on this blog and have no intention of doing so, please, just this once, click this link and watch the video. Share it with everyone you know. Help find this child a family before it is too late. You can read more about her on the New Day blog.

The second little girl is one I've met. She lived at the same foster home as H., but was transferred back to her orphanage right after we were there. The move was due to political forces at work which did not take into consideration the welfare of the child. That means she has had yet more transitions and is now in an orphanage instead of a foster home. She has been there for two years. Years, people! With no one choosing her.

Her name at the foster home was Sharon, but she also has an advocacy/fundraising page where she is called Grace. (You know all these names are purely for advocacy purposes, right? The children go by their Chinese names.) She was born with a heart defect which has been repaired. She was a sweet, quiet little girl who carefully watched what we were doing when we were there. She was particularly taken with A. and wanted to follow her around. I cannot believe she still does not have a family.

Pray for these children. Advocate for them. Do not let them linger, with their names among thousands on a list of available orphans. Do something.


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