Happy 21st Birthday, M.!

I am now the parent of an official adult. I'm not quite sure how that happened. One moment she is a little girl who liked to make crafts and the next moment she is a grown woman who makes money creating large things from cardboard. Once again M. is getting to spend her birthday in Arizona. This has happened more than once since her birthday has a tendency to fall during spring break. It's probably why she decided to make her appearance 10 days late, so as to guarantee lovely birthdays spent in the sun.

There's M. in the center with the short hair. They are petting stingrays as the zoo. 

We have a lovely day planned for our girl. First, she gets to sleep in. She and B. are not staying in my parents house withe the 10,000 children who rise at the crack of dawn, but next door where they each have a room to themselves and nary a child or dog in sight. Next, a childhood friend of mine has arranged for M. to tour Gammage Auditorium with Gammage's tech director. Since M. is the tech director (the official grown-up version, not the student kind... did you like that little bit of back door parental bragging on my part) at school, I think she will love this. Finally, we are all going out to eat Vietnamese food for dinner which is M.'s all-time favorite food to eat. Not a bad birthday, huh?

So, Happy Birthday, to my first-born. I love you and am so proud of you. You are a strong, intelligent, talented woman and I can't wait to see all that you do.


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