Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A little bit of summer

I might have mentioned last summer that one of the things I canned were sweet pickled cherry tomatoes. B. grew an abundance of them and I tried various preserving methods to deal with the glut. They were so pretty in their jars.

The recipe said that if you put the contents of the jar in a blender, the tomatoes became an excellent salad dressing. It was right. It's pretty much the only salad dressing we've used in the past month. It is so yummy. Actually, the recipe suggested blending the contents of the jar with some olive oil, but I'd forgotten that last bit when we used the first jar. It works fine, but next time I think I will add the oil to help stretch the dressing and to coat the salad a little better.

It's a little like eating summer in a jar. And believe me when I say we need every little bit of summer feeling around here right now.

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