M.'s Giant puppet

M. has been doing an independent study this semester on puppets and puppetry. (Yes, she thanked me for teaching her how to make a class about anything. Homeschooling teaches you a lot of things.) She designed the class herself and studied puppets and puppet traditions from around the world and her final project was to create an original puppet. She designed and built this 8 foot tall puppet which takes three people to make work. The puppet man is dancing with the woman in grey. I wish I could show the short video I have, but it has someone's very cute little toddler in it and it's poor form to put someone else's child on a public blog. As part of the project, the puppet has two performances... this is from yesterday.

That's, M. with the blue hair. At least it's blue in back... she's looking very colorful these days.

My talented girl.


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