Thursday, December 26, 2013

I love Boxing Day

I always say that the day after a major holiday is my favorite. While the actual holiday is wonderful, it is also a lot of work. Plus, whether we mean to or not, they are also filled with emotional expectations which just adds to the stress. The day after, everything is done, there are no expectations, there is nothing to do but just enjoy the aftermath.

Now, writing this, I realize that you may be becoming concerned that our Christmas was difficult. That couldn't be farther from the truth. It was wonderful, and peaceful (well, as peaceful as a household of 15 can be), and we were all able to relax and just enjoy it all. It makes the day after even better because we are all entering it in a pretty stress-free state of mind. Today we will relax, enjoy each other's company, play the stack of new games that were received, enjoy dinner with friends, and some will probably play in the snow that arrived yesterday.

I have three days worth of pictures to share with you, but to not overwhelm you, I will spread them all out. Today I will share the photos from the 23rd when we decorated Christmas cookies. The older people used piping bags and the younger ones used bowls of frosting and knives to spread.

We also taped oil cloth to the table for the littles. (G. is in the pirate costume and L. is in pink)

Here is the plate of cookies decorated by the younger set. They are not getting eaten as quickly because the frosting application wasn't, ahem, quite hygienic. There was much licking of knives and such things. My children who are wont to snitch cookies are giving them a wide berth.

Here is what the oil cloth looked like after they were done. I was actually quite impressed with my children's piping skills. 

Now for contrast, I'll show you the piped cookies, which are nearly all eaten up.

Now, off to get dressed and teach H. how to use the Spirograph she received for Christmas.

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