Picnic table transformation

Since this seems to be our summer for fixing things that are broken or too ugly, the picnic table was next on the list. The table was given to us by the people who live in the condo building next door when they got a new one. When we got it, the oil cloth that was covering it was worn but not ripped, so I left it. I think I left it a year too long, because this is what started this summer looking like.

For the very observant among you, you might have noticed something odd in the background of the above picture. You might have said to yourself, "Is that a lion? A GOLD lion?" And the answer would have been yes. We have a gold lion (with vaguely disturbing green eyes) in our backyard. It is made out of cement and the previous owners evidently didn't want to move it when they moved out. (Actually, it seems they didn't want to move a lot of stuff, but this wins the odd prize. The cow hide nailed to the living room wall is a close second, though.) We call him Aslan. The children like to sit on him.

OK, but back to the picnic table. I went to the fabric store and bought new oil cloth and J. and I put it on. While it wasn't difficult, it was a two person job. I did the very important job of holding the oil cloth tight while J. contorted himself around and stapled it on. You may have to click on the picture to see the prints, but it is gingham on top and polka dotted on the benches. In this picture the back porch looks almost charming. Remind me to take a better view so you get the full effect.

And please don't forget to vote. (Remember you can vote each day.) I've fallen from third to sixth... not that I'm paying attention or anything.


Lucy said…
Oh I wish I had a gold lion in the backyard! That is so cool! We'd probably call him Aslan too :-)

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