Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Large families and the constant glass shortage

One of my constant purchases at the thrift store is glassware. We never seem to have enough glasses... first, they break, and then everyone uses multiple glasses throughout the day so that by the time dinner rolls around the cupboard is empty. There is not a glass to be seen. And when you are trying to pour 12+ glasses of milk or water, that's a problem. My solution was to continue to buy more and more 25 cent glasses, though that only seemed to provide more single drinks for the masses during the day. A. came up with a much, much better solution.


She created glass place mats which sit on the kitchen table during the day. She took pieces of regular paper, drew on circles, wrote each person's name, and then laminated them. Now, if someone takes a glass out of the cupboard, or a cup out of the drawer, they set it on their circle and use it throughout the day. And it's worked! I still find an unclaimed glass now and then, but very few, so there are still glasses left at dinner. I think it's brilliant!

I love my laminator.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

We once bought a set of 6 Tupperware tumblers in different colors and assigned everyone a color (plus a sippy for the toddler). That worked well for a while, but we fell out of the habit.

thecurryseven said...

I've thought about trying the different-color-glass/towel/name the personal item idea (and it's a good one), but there aren't enough range of colors for us at this point. :-)


MamatoMany said...

We have colors, but it gets hard to find things in all colors...its frustrating.

Erika said...

Brilliant! And I just got a laminator for my birthday :)

Tia said...


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