My big little girls

I have no motivation to write today so you get pictures of the little girls. I realized that they have been somewhat lacking recently. No doubt due to the fact that we just take fewer pictures of them. They are rarely still, and when they are still, one or both of them have become rather disreputable looking, so that my first inclination is not to get out the camera. (L. still walks around in various states of undress, sometimes joined by G. And when they are fully clothed, they have often changed their outfits to something "unique" and pulled out whatever hair arrangement might have been put in. There's a whole other blog post in there somewhere about how this would never have occurred with the first few.)

But on Sunday, J. captured these. We looked over to discover that G. was "reading" a comic book to L. It was very sweet. G. is in purple and L. is in orange.

They are just too, too big. I love them. They are wonderful fun. But where, oh where, did my little babies go?

Continuing to advocate for the children in Bulgaria. Their files were sent back which means that they cannot be advocated for on Reese's Rainbow or have any funds donated towards their adoptions. It means they are essentially invisible and unwanted. It tells the government and the agencies that yes, indeed, their initial assumptions were correct. No one wants a child like these. They are not worth it.

But they are! They are created by God in His image and we are called to care for them. They are truly the least of these. I cannot let them go; I think about them in nearly every free moment that I have. I'm going to post one of their pictures here at the bottom of each of my posts each day. Would you join me in praying for each of these children? Pray that a family would come forward who is willing to adopt them. Love them. Pray that they will know they are not forgotten. There is still hope for these little ones as their files can be specially asked for, it just adds time to the process.

This is Garnet. She is 10. Ten years old and lying in a crib. It's all she's ever known. How can we let this happen? How can we leave her there knowing now that she is there? Despite what she has lived through, she still looks as though she has life in her eyes. Imagine what she would look like with the love of a family.

She is the last of the invisible children. Tomorrow I will start rotating through again. Theodore won't be included as I believe there is a family working on getting his file in order to adopt him. If I learn otherwise, I will add him back in. Do not forget to pray for these children. If ever there was a mountain worth moving through faith and prayer, it is the mountain of placing these children in loving homes.


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