Friday, March 02, 2012

Highlights from today

I spent a good portion of the day downtown getting our visas.  It turned out to be a fairly painless process, though I always get a little nervous when submitting forms to the consulate.  It is probably due to sitting in the waiting room for long stretches of time and watching more than a few people get turned away because their forms are filled out incorrectly.  What's worse, you realize as you watch this drama going on, that many of the people come away from the window with no idea how to correct the forms so they can resubmit them.  When I went to have our dossier authenticated, every single piece of paper I was submitting had to be copied and turned in as well.  So, not wanting to take a chance, I copied everything I could think of for the visa as well.  This moment of over achievement was met with a slight frown and a sniff as all the copied were returned back to me.  But, hey, I have the visas I went for.

The trip also involved four hours to kill after I had submitted everything and before I could go pick them up.  I first headed to a coffee shop because I ran out of the house with only one cup of coffee in me.  The situation was going to become dire without a second installment.  One hour was spent drinking a very large cup of coffee and reading my Kindle. Three to go.

I noticed that it had begun to rain a bit, and as I sat in the coffee shop I realized didn't have an umbrella.  Not only did I not have one with me, I didn't have one at all.  I figured this could be my next project.  I walked to Water Tower Place in search of one.  Not having any young girls with me, I did not feel the need to enter American Girl Place, but instead opted for The Department Store Formally Known as Marshall Field's.  If you can imagine, the first door I entered had umbrellas.  And not only did they have umbrellas, they were 75% off.  So, not only did I not have to wander through The Store Formally Known as Marshall Field's, I didn't have so spend very much money in it.

Another 30 minutes down.  I eventually filled the rest of the time and headed back to the consulate.  I was early, but figured I could sit and read until the designated pick-up time.  I'm glad I got there early, but my dreams of sitting and reading were dashed.  The 2pm pick-up line started forming about 1:25.  So I stood in line.  Or more correctly, I stood in line reading my Kindle.  (See a theme?)  I have to say it's much easier to stand and read on a Kindle than a regular book because you can turn the pages (such as they are) with one hand.  I continue to love, love, love it!

Now about that Kindle.  J. and I were getting ready to head out tonight to see the show that M. is in and that she helped costume.  Before we left, I thought, "I'll just take everything out of my bag so that nothing happens to it."  So I grab the bag and head upstairs.  I take out a couple things and then realize that my Kindle isn't there.  I run downstairs and look on my desk.  It isn't there.  I start to panic.  A. and B. notice something is wrong as I run back upstairs to look again and begin searching in the hopes of helping their mother retain her sanity.  J. finds me throwing things out of the bag and crying while I mumble something about losing it.  He is a gracious man and never once suggested that it was more than a Kindle I had lost.

He tells me not to panic, which is pretty much shutting the barn door after the horse has left, and calmly looks around the room.  He wanders over to my side of the bed and picks something up and asks, "This Kindle?"

"Um, yeah.  That Kindle."  And then a vague memory begins to seep into my brain about having put it away right after getting home.  So I wouldn't lose it.  This is ironic enough on its own.  But to add to the irony, A. is also a bit prone to panic.  One of the things I find myself saying to her rather often is, "Be sure to panic first and think second." To humorously point out this tendency.  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?


Amy said...

I really want a Kindle. I have the Kindle for PC ap but it is kind of hard to carry my laptop everywhere. I am going to be asking for one for Christmas this next year.

I love your panic before you think comment. My dh and I are both anxious people. Funny how God uses the anxious to do things most people find very frightening!

Anonymous said...

I loose stuff so often. I go to my husband who is such a good finder of things missing in the house. It seems to be a talent for me to misplace thing and him to find it.

Elizabeth L

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