When it is too quiet

Things should not be quiet in a household with as many children as we have, and if they are we should pay closer attention.  Last night, as J. and I worked on the last details of dinner, we both realized that it was mighty quiet and that we really hadn't seen very many of the children pass through the kitchen.  We even remarked to one another that perhaps we should be worried and went back to the food.

We were close to eating dinner, so J. went upstairs to find TM who was due to pour milk and K. who was to set the table.  And then I hear a scream. "Oh no!  E., the babies....  have been playing in the toilet!"  I go up to help.  The girls were a little damp and A. hustled them off so that J. and I could work on the bathroom.  They had been 'cleaning' it.  There were tissues, toilet paper, and wipes all over from their efforts.  (I am thankful that they only put toilet paper down the toilet and not a package's worth of wipes.)  The bathroom was fairly easy to clean, but then we discovered that they had taken their cleaning efforts into their room as well and had begun to work on the dresser.  Both (empty!) bottom drawers were holding water and perhaps some other cleaning substance.  Soap?  It was difficult to tell what they had found and used.

When J. found them he got the sense that they were starting to get a little upset that their plan was not working out as they had intentioned.  Also, it was very distressing to them to have Daddy's head explode a little upon looking in the door.  Eventually all three parties recovered.

Later at dinner, as we were discussing what they had done and how it was a much greater mess due to the fact that there are two of them, TM announces, "I'm glad it was just G. and L. making a mess.  I thought when you yelled that you had fallen down the stairs because you had discovered my booby trap that I had set there."

You'll be relieved to note that a seek-and-destroy mission resulted in the booby trap being dismantled and the stairs are again safe for navigation.


asian~treasures said…
Oh my! I was feeling your pain...until TM's comment. I must admit that made me laugh! : )

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