Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Can't stop

I have a burden on my heart for this boy and I can't shake it.  So I will continue to advocate for him until he finds his family.  No child should have to ask for a family.  No child should look forward to their 14th birthday with dread.  No child should wonder what will happen to him.

Joseph, who is 12 years old, has 1 1/2 years before his chances for a family are dashed.  Just today he told an adult who works at his foster home that he really, really wants an American family.  

Here is what another adoptive mother who met him when they were adopting their daughter wrote about him.

Jospeh is still waiting for his family and time is running out! I met him at Shepard's Field when we went to get Scarlett and he is such an awesome kid. He so desperately wants a family of his own. He was one of Scarlett's favorite people when she was there and she still talks about him. The child is now happy and healthy and just wants a family.

One of Joseph’s favorite things to do is build Legos. He loves making robots and transformers. He also loves to play outside with the other older boys and Stevie the dog. Joseph loves going to school, is a great speller and loves learning. His desk is always very neat and everything has its own spot. He always puts his shoes away in the same place and likes to keep his bed and belongings organized. Joseph is one of the oldest boys at Shepherd’s Field and his chance to be adopted is shrinking more and more every day. Whenever he sees younger kids in his house get adopted, he gets very sad because he wants a forever family of his own.  He loves to be hugged and acknowledged by those who love him and always is ready with a smile.

Can you be his family?  I'm not going to stop until he finds one, so maybe one of you can put us all out of misery and say yes.  Time really is running out.


1.21roots said...

Did he find a family? Just curious.

Amanda from Indiana

1.21roots said...

Hi- Amanda from Indiana again.

Here is my email address if you want to email me about Joseph.

My husband, Josh, and I are very interested in adopting an older child. We have 3 little ones 5, 2 1/2 and 9 months. We are seriously considering this and have always thought domestic, but seeing his picture, I can't help but to at least ask more questions about him. Thanks!

thecurryseven said...

I'm emailing you RIGHT NOW, Amanda!!


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