Post holidays

I have always loved the days following holidays almost more than the holidays themselves.  All the hard work has been done, everyone is relaxed, there's nothing on the to-do list, and often there is still enough food so that no one really has to think about cooking all that much.  I do love holidays... the togetherness, the traditions, and at least in our family, an excuse to dress up and use the good china.  A little formality in life is a good thing.  But then it is counter-balanced by the informality and relaxation of the following days.  It is as if we enjoy the relaxation more because of the preceding formality.

Yesterday was filled with museum trips and time for cousins to play together.  Last night J. and I enjoyed watching our older children, a niece, and a "borrowed" child (we'll call him T.; he's staying with us since he is away from home, going to school) enjoy an uproarious game of hearts.

Today, I have a combination of 6 siblings and cousins playing a card game in the kitchen, T. is coloring with the little girls, and the cousins who have been staying with us are starting to pack up in order to head to the airport later today.  It is also far enough removed from Thanksgiving that we are starting to get back into our regular schedule.  A. is baking some much needed bread and I will be heading down to the basement to begin the laundry cycle again.

It has been a good holiday and wonderful chance to catch-up with family whom we don't get to see all that often.  I also like the few days between Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent to catch my breath and change gears.  I'll spend a few minutes today finding the Advent wreath and devotional so that we are set begin the next turn of the church calendar.

Since I'm still playing hostess, I'll wait until Monday to write more on observing Advent and perhaps the liturgical calender in general.  Do you observe Advent?  What do you do?  I'm always in the market for new ideas.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.


Sandpiper said…
I'm Canadian, so our Thanksgiving was in October, but I know how you feel about holidays. One of the things I like about Christmas is that there's so much food in the house, that you don't need to worry about cooking for a while.
Enjoy your weekend!
We are blessed!
asian~treasures said…
Looking forward to your Advent post...we're starting our Advent schedule tonight. I'll be blogging (probably not every day) about what we do.

: )

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