Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Costumes 2011

First, here is everyone at work busily carving pumpkins... either for themselves or for smaller people.

G. (purple) and L. (pink) enjoyed playing in the pumpkin goo with spoons, but didn't really want to touch it with their hands.

In general, my children need very little encouragement to dress in a costume.  Here is what they chose for Beggar's Night.  (My friend's term, which I really like and have decided to use.)  First the group who dressed up.  (A. and B. stayed home with me and helped to pass out ~600 pieces of candy... we get a lot of foot traffic in our neighborhood.)

Some were distracted by things going on around them.

L. as Tigger and G. as Pooh

L. is showing she has a tail.


K. as a fireman (with hose which was wielded as a weapon most of the night)

D. as Gimli the Dwarf from The Lord of the Rings.  He caused the most confusion with 'viking' and "Hagrid' being the most popular guesses.

TM as Robin Hood

And P. as an equestrienne (horseback rider).  (What's the point of me having ridden competitively in college if I couldn't use my old togs as a costume?)

The P. Family joined us for dinner and the children played and ate candy while the adults visited.  All in all, a very pleasant evening.

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