A. and P.'s new digs

The room which was our schoolroom has now been transformed and turned into the A. and P.'s room.  It involved taking down some ugly paneling and J. and B. putting up wall board and then having 'worker guys' come in and tape and sand.  The worker guy also repaired the horrible water damage on the ceiling which was a result of the leaking roof which was repaired this past spring.  The girls were moving their stuff in practically while the paint was drying, they were so excited.

Here are a few sneak peaks of the new room.  It is still in the early stages.  Some organizing needs to happen and curtains made.  But these will give you an idea.

From the doorway

The currently unbunked beds.  The girls really, really wanted to have them set up as a traditional twin pair with a small table between.  So we have it set that way for a while.  Once we get closer to H. coming home, we will rearrange... rebunk the beds, add the twin we have in storage and make room for a 3rd girl.

The desk with various tanks of gerbils and fish

This bookcase, a leftover from the schoolroom, is going to serve as a dresser for the girls.  I need to head out to IKEA to get more doors for the cubbies which hold clothes.

Since A. and P. have now moved into their new room, that means G. and L. have their room all to themselves.  Boy, is it empty at the moment.  It too will need a little work to make it look more put together.  Since there was more flexibility in how it was set up, I thought the little girls would like it if their cribs were put right next to each other so they could be close.  They did like it, perhaps a bit too much.  Yesterday during nap time, this is what we discovered:

It's a dark picture. (Have you ever tried to take a picture without a flash of two sleeping children you don't want to wake up?)  But if you look closely, you will see that G. is on the left, sleeping with her thumb in her mouth, resting her head on L.'s legs.  L. is on the right, sleeping on her stomach.  Even funnier is that when B. went to get the girls out of their beds after nap time, both girls were back in their correct crib.  I pulled the cribs apart a bit before bedtime last night, though G. wasn't happy about it and tried to push them back together.


Erica said…
Love the green.
Ann said…
I love my room make over (since that is where I slept while visiting ;-) The color is similar to our girls. And I love the twins sleeping together--if they don't both each other too much, it would be precious to allow them to climb back and forth and sleep together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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