We're not done with summer yet

Thanks to friends who had extra passes to the Skokie Water Park, that is where we spent the day today.  (Along with the friends, of course.)  It was the perfect thing to do on a 90 degree day when you haven't started school, but nearly everyone else has.  Though, since it seems it was the only water park open in the area, it attracted more people than we were expecting.  But still, it wasn't too crowded.

Everyone had a great time... even G. and L., who as a rule are not overly fond of water.  We were billing it as a giant outdoor bathtub that you wear swimming suits in, and in theory, they thought that sounded fun.  Fun that is until we got to the gate of the children's area and they look and see all the water (especially the splashing, spraying water features) and both did a dead stop.  The only way we got them through the gate was to carry them.

For most of the day, this is how they played in the water:


They perched on the outside of the pool and carefully dipped their cups in while avoiding getting wet.  Eventually they got a little more adventurous and actually stood in the water:

By the last half hour, they were both much more comfortable and were walking around and playing.  The rest of the children dove in immediately and spent the entire day happily wet.
In other news, one of M.'s classes requires her to set-up and keep a blog in which she is to respond to the assigned readings.  She has decided to just keep all her thoughts about college life on it.  It's called Magpie's Shiny Objects... go take a look.


Anonymous said…
Note about your daughter's blog: She is her mother's child! That is a compliment!
Kim Crawford

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