Dinner by candlelight

But more truthfully it should be cooking by candlelight.  Right at the moment we were about to start dinner last night, the power went out.  My first thought was, "Well, let's order pizza."  But then I thought how wimpy that was and not wanting to be wimpy coupled with the fact that the dinner I had planned was all cooked on the gas stove, I decided to keep going.  We got out our candles and flashlights, lit the stove manually, and began cooking.  It was most helpful to have B. hold the flashlight over the pan while I cooked the chicken... otherwise I couldn't see when it was done.

A. set-up on the table and put the salad together.  M. took her picture, it's blurry, but you get the idea.

Everyone was quite excited by the prospect of eating dinner in a room lit only by candles, so there was some disappointment when the power came back on just before we were ready to sit down.  Evidently, eating dinner by candlelight was the deepest desire of several children.  Who knew?  So, since the table was all set anyway, we turned out the lights and had our candlelight dinner despite the restoration of electricity.


TJC said…
We lose power when people run down the road too fast, so I feel ya. I just try to switch my brain to "arrived at the campsite late" mode and I'm instantly more at ease. Sounds like how you were thinking!

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