Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just some pictures

Here is what I get to see all the time.  Isn't it sweet?  Even K. has Knuffle Bunny memorized now.  L. is sitting next to B and G. is on his lap.

And A. has been taking advantage of the little bit of hair G. and L. have on their head.  She has discovered if she uses rubber bands made for braces, she can get two little pony tails on G. and L.'s heads.  Here's G.:

And what happens not very long after her hair is done:

And here is L.:


Fit2B Mama said...

Here from the Hip HOmeschool Hop! What sweet pictures! I had a brother that was 13 years older than me, and he taught me how to read!

Alison said...

Sweet photos! I am visiting from the HHH and had to follow when I read your post on the Big Ugly House tour. We also hs and live in an old house that requires extensive work...which we're getting to in turtle time.



Treasures Evermore said...

Thank you for commenting on Kim's blog...I had no idea. We live in Canada and only seem to have one agency doing Vietnan adoptions.

I guess I will be waiting for more clarity.

Thank you so much for the info.


Erica said...

Awww, all so adorable! I love little pigtails.

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