Merry Christmas!

We have had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have as well.  The Christmas pageant went off without serious incident (which in my children's choir director's book means no one threw up and no one had an accident).  We enjoyed the company of extended family and ate too much rich food.  Everyone is tired and happy and looking forward to a week of Daddy being home.  And I finally have a picture to use on our (now New Year's) cards.  This is from Christmas Eve just before we left for church.  It looks as though I spent serious time coordinating everyone's outfits doesn't it?  I hate to burst any bubbles, but it was a purely serendipitous moment when we all came downstairs and realized we all coordinated.  I suppose I tend to like the same colors in dress-up clothes, because my main concern was that everyone have something to wear... I truly didn't plan it.  I'm happy to enjoy the results, though.

Merry Christmas!


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