Friday, October 01, 2010


I'm sitting right now at the schoolroom computer because my laptop is in the shop.  A word of advice... if you see a security notice warning you that there might be a virus on your computer, don't click on it until you have proofread the thing.  The only way we discovered (after the fact, of course) that it was fake was the one misspelled word. 

It looks as though I won't have the laptop back until possibly Monday.  So, if you have emailed me, I won't get it until then.  Since I can't stand to type on our dinosaur desktop computer, I will be having a completely unconnected weekend.  Think of all I will get done!

Have a great weekend... and I'll have the apple cider doughnut recipe for you on Monday.



Angie said...

I got a horrible virus a few months ago. Here I am a computer science major, haven't had any sort of virus protection software or virus of any kind for 10 years at least and I got a horrendous one from a pop up at

Antidote: Switched to a Mac.

We reinstalled that computer from scratch.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see the apple cider doughnut recipe - thanks. I'll check on Monday.

HUGE bummer about the virus. I hope the shop can fix it.

I will miss your blog - take lots of photos and post them next week as well. I loved the video of the squeaking shoes.

- EL

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