Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, or sitting around O'Hare...

it just depends on your perspective. 

J. just called me and told me that M. is safely on the plane.  So she is off on her big adventure.  Now, the alert reader is asking herself, why did J. have to call E. to tell her that?  Wasn't she at the airport, too?  In fact, I was at the airport.  I was at the airport for several hours.  But when we were checking in, we assumed that we would both be able to get security passes to go to the gate.  We assumed wrong.  We could have one. 

I decided to let J. go to the gate since he is a bit more emotionally stable than I am at times.  I said I would go wait at the coffee kiosk until J. saw M. onto the plane.  So far, so good.  I ordered a coffee and sat and alternately people-watched and prayed.  And then my cell phone rings at about the time the plane was supposed to be loading.  I think it must be J. telling me he's seen her off.  I was half right; it was J.  But he was telling me that though her flight was supposed to be boarding, there was no activity at the gate yet.  He would call me back when he knew more.  So shorten a long story without much action, M.'s flight ended up being delayed over 3 hours.  We both thought it was important that J. stay with her until we were sure it was leaving, since many, many flights had been cancelled.  But what was I to do in the meantime?  I couldn't leave because though I had car keys, I didn't have the parking ticket.  (J. had it in his pocket.)  I didn't really want to hang around baggage claim for several more hours because I HAD NOTHING TO READ!  What to do?

My answer was to start making phone calls to my friends and see if I sounded pathetic enough for one of them to make the trek out to the airport and pick me up.  I tried the P family first, since both P. (the mom) and P18 drive.  I must have sounded pathetic enough because P. came and picked me up.  (Bless her!)  Which is why, I was home and J. needed to call me to say M. finally made it on the plane at 2:10.  I asked if she was concerned about being late and it seems it is not a problem.  TMI has a pick-up point which is manned until 10pm tonight.  All she has to do is collect her baggage (cardboard box) and go meet up at the pick-up point.  She will easily make it there before 10.

As I receive updates from TMI and letters from M., I will update all of you on how she is doing.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers as M. travels this summer.

M. just called from Orlando... she (and her box) made it safely and she found the TMI group.  All is well.


Deborah said...

Just to give you some perspective. Our Blaine and Amy will be flying in this Sunday evening after almost a year away in Asia!! We are so excited and pray the plane is on time!!!! Love your blog!!

sandwichinwi said...

You need yourself a new lower-priced Kindle! LOL

You have nice friends, driving out to O'Hare to pick you up!

Praying that M has a safe and blessed time.


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