We have movement!

And our lives will never be the same. At least just one baby (L.) is moving at the moment, but G. is not far behind. G. does scooch around on her bottom a bit, though, so she still needs to be watched. Here is a short video of L. doing her version of crawling. I suggest you turn the sound down because it's really loud. A. was trying to attract L.'s attention to get her to move across the floor; I'm not sure why L. didn't move quickly the other way.

In other news, K. had his appointment with the plastic surgeon of his cleft team today. We had some very good news. She confirmed that there is nothing wrong with K.'s palate and is not affecting his speech in any way, plus he has all of his teeth. Because of these things and because the cleft in his tooth ridge is small, at this moment, he is a good candidate for the growth hormone injection for repairing the tooth ridge and perhaps we will avoid having to harvest bone from his hip to do the repair. We go back in a year, at which point I think we will be discussing bone graft surgery. The surgeon says we are probably looking at age 5 or 6. But for right now, we have another year before we have to face that hurdle.


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