I'm famous...or is it infamous?

I happened to be at our main branch library this afternoon checking out some books. The employee (whom I'm sure I've never met) looked at my card and asked if I was E. Curry of the Curry family. I said yes, and she proceeded to talk to me about our branch library. The branch libraries have been given a 6 month reprieve from closing in order to try to raise the needed funds to keep them open. (Confused about the whole situation yet? I am.) The library employee wanted to make sure I knew that the branch would only be open Tuesdays through Saturdays now, in case I needed to adjust our schedule. I laughed and said my children pretty much go to the library whenever it's open and the library worker agreed. So, do the librarians all get together and talk about us? Just makes me wonder. The first half of my life was spent feeling as though people don't remember me, consequently, I find it a slightly jarring experience when people not only remember me, but people who don't even know me, know me.


emily b said…
this made me smile.

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