Congratulations to the newest star scout

Last night B. advanced to star scout at his troop's court of honor. We're very proud of him. (Just ignore the duct taped shoes, OK?) It does make for some sewing for me. I tend to put-off sewing on scout patches (both boy and girl) until the last minute. Which is why yesterday found me sewing many patches on both shirt and merit badge sash. The merit badges are fine; they'll stay where they are. But because B. has advanced far enough, he is entitled to wear a dark green scout shirt now. (It's how his troop designates the boys in leadership positions.) This means all those patches I sewed on for the court of honor will now need to be taken off and sewn on his new green shirt. I think it's time for B. to learn to do a bit of sewing.

B.'s troop also celebrated it's 95th birthday last night, making it one of the oldest troops in the country. (Boy Scouts is celebrating it's 100th birthday in the US this year.) It was fun to look at the slides of what our town looked like 95 years ago. Our ties to this city (and surrounding area) run deep. My grandmother along with her parents lived here at about the same time the troop was formed and J.'s great-grandparents were in the process of moving from Chicago to an area farther north. It's neat to see our son be a part of the continuation of this long history.


Anonymous said…
Y'know, they do have a Sewing merit badge...


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