Saturday, August 22, 2009


I think I have mentioned before how much my family likes pie. Any kind of pie, served at any time of day will make them happy. Tonight they hit the pie jackpot. Not only did I make beef pot pies for dinner, but there was peach pie for dessert. I didn't use to make pot pie very often. It's a lot of work to prepare the meat and vegetables for the filling, make the white sauce, make the crust, and then put it all together. But then I came up with a way to short-cut at least some of it. I started keeping two freezer bags in my freezer in which I put my odds and ends leftovers. For instance, if there is one chicken leg left after dinner, I'll take the meat from the bone and put it in the freezer for meat. Or, instead of trying to convince someone to eat the last serving of green beans, I'll put the beans in the freezer bag for vegetables. Eventually, I'll have enough saved to make the filling for 3 or four pot pies. It's then easy to make the white sauce and pie crusts. (If I've been industrious and have frozen pie crusts in the freezer, it's even easier.) Plus, I get to feel virtuous that I'm using leftovers that might have been thrown out because they sat in the refrigerator too long waiting for someone to eat them.

But, back to tonight. Pie for dinner and pie for dessert seems a bit much and wasn't my original plan. I thought I had enough filling for four pot pies and had made four double crusts. It turns out I only had enough for three, but I did have one last bag of peach pie filling which I froze last summer. So we had pie for dessert as well. Since the crust was made and all.

Using up the last of the prepared peaches means that I really need to buy a bushel of them at the farmer's market next weekend. But that also means a week of fussing with peaches in the kitchen afterwards. To do that I guess I'll have to finish freezing all those blueberries we picked last weekend. I froze 13 cups today, there's more to bag in the freezer, and still another box to wash in the refrigerator. I just keep reminding myself how much I like having all the saved fruit during the winter.

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Stevens Family said...

Sounds awesome! Great idea with the left overs.

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