"A family is everyone all together"**

A. has been gone since last Sunday on a vacation with a friend. She was invited to go up to Door County, WI as a companion for her friend since she (the friend) is an only child. It sounds as though she is having a wonderful time. But I'm missing her. You would think that with 8 other children at home I would hardly notice when one is missing, but that's not the case. When one (or more) of my children are off somewhere else there is a huge hole in our family. It always feels as though more people are missing than really are. Each member has such an integral place that it doesn't matter who is still here, the empty spot left by the missing member is blatantly obvious. A. comes back late on Sunday; we will all be glad.

Since I've been thinking about A., I thought this would be a good time to show off the dolls she made for G. and L. before they were born. A. made these all by herself...she found the instructions, gathered the supplies and made them without any help. I'm pretty impressed.

**from A Baby Sister for Frances by Russell Hoban. If you haven't read the Frances books to your children, go now and check them out of the library. They are probably in my 'top 10' of children's picture books.


Anonymous said…
What a sweet big sister!! And I agree, I love the Francis books. :)

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