Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snoozers: (part of) a poem by Sandra Boynton

We like to snooze in the morning,

We like to snooze all day,

We like to snooze where ever we choose,

Snoozing our cares away.

But when the world grows quiet,

And the evening moon is bright,

We put on our pajamas,

And all hug our mama,

And never fall asleep all night.


PhoWises said...

We have that book, too! One of our friends had twins and one was high maintenance by day and the other by night! I guess at least your girls are on the same schedule? I have books to send you but can't seem to get around to actually mailing them!

Anonymous said...

I definitely need to hold those babies!!! Can't wait to meet them!

Duda Family said...

E- hope you get some good rest soon in your house. The girls are just beautiful! Mary Li

Joanne said...


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