"Everybody knows what a mammal is,
Everyone who understands.
They're warm-blooded, have hair on the bodies,
And suckle their young from mammary glands."

This is a rhyme that M. learned long ago about the characteristics of mammals. She would repeat it often. So often that it has become part of our family culture. If anyone says the word 'mammal', someone else is bound to repeat the rhyme. Sort of our own family call-and-response tradition. Since nursing has become such a big part of life, discussions about mammals have been fairly frequent around here. TM and D can tell you all sorts of animals which are mammals. They can also tell you what is not a, frogs, birds, and dishwashers.

And until the newest members of our family decide to sleep for more than 1 hour at a time at night, there is the strong possibility that my posts may become loopier and loopier. Anyone hoping for coherence may have a while to wait.


MamaPPod said…
I like loopy posts. It makes me feel that much more normal..

Ann said…
Your twins may have made it possible for me to finally attain the same intellectual level as you! This might be fun! :-) LOL! Appreciate all the updates and so happy to know things are going well. I was an IBCLC for 10 years so I especially appreciate the poem :-)

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