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Getting Closer


Friday morning we received the unexpected phone call from our adoption agency telling us that TM's dossier has been approved. This was two weeks earlier than we were anticipating. We should hear in another month that we have travel approval. It is such a relief to have a somewhat definite timeline and to be able to do a little planning for summer. But mostly it is exciting that we will get to meet our new son in approximately six weeks.

Why a large family?

[E & J]

This is something we wrote in answer to Chicago Parent magazine's question, "How do you cope with a large family?"

Perhaps the question ought to be: “How do you cope without a large family?” Oh, sure, the natural assumption is that if 1 kid = X work, then 5 kids ought to equal 5X work (or maybe X to the 5th work, on a bad day). But, fortunately, that’s not accurate. We do have five children, and we’re pursuing options for adoption (yes, of more children), but we do not feel as if our family is “large.” It’s just the right size for… making sure that there’s always someone to play with… sharing games… sharing chores… passing down book recommendations… passing down clothes… providing older children to entertain younger children… ensuring that an infant or toddler is always handy to cuddle or snuggle… ensuring that an older child is always handy for company and conversation… and providing an audience for siblings’ antics.

Maybe a large family is a bit more work, but…